Hit my first reward!

I am still humming along, hitting my most important goal of putting in time writing for every check-in.  I have a schedule of rewards, and I write down each time I spent some time working, like a little time card. I just passed 10 hours this ROW – which means I can get my first reward! I had planned for a candle to burn during writing time, but since I am mostly writing on the go these days, in coffee shops or during opportune nap times, I am not sure it’s the best reward. I need to think of some more! I am still hoping to get to my 50 hour reward – my Etsy jewelry purchase.

What would you do to reward yourself for your hard work at writing? Any ideas for my rewards?

Here is how I’m doing with each goal in particular:

Writing / Editing:
Goal: 30 minutes of anything twice a week! – I am WAY overachieving on this goal. Got in another hour and a half!
Stretch goal: Finish revising 2 scenes per week, Think of 2 new story ideas a week! – Just part of one scene, but that’s good enough for me!

Goal: Yoga once a week, Walk twice a week, Ab exercises everyday! – Yoga class was great, and I am even a little sore. I am NOT sore from the ab exercises I’m not doing however. ;-]
Stretch goal: Strength train once a week, Lose 10 lbs by Fall. – Still workin on it…

Although I am still struggling to hit all of my exercise goals, I feel like I may need to up them. This is just not much exercise to help me lose weight, especially since I can’t seem to keep myself from eating like horse while still breastfeeding and not getting the best sleep…. But that’s life!  The question is how I can fit in more exercise with Baby….  We shall see!

Later, alligators!


Chug chug chug

Tonight I’m exhausted after a long day of lugging the babe around the Zoo. He’s still quite young for it, but when we take him out and about and he gets to observe people and things, he’s just SO happy at the end of the day. It melts the heart. =) So although I’m tired enough to only want to play video games… it’s worth it. Good memories! And since I made some progress earlier in the week, I’ll let myself have this relaxation time!

Here is my ROW80 check-in.

Writing / Editing:
Goal: 30 minutes of anything twice a week! – Check! 2 Hours this time!! YESSS!
Stretch goal: Finish revising 2 scenes per week, Think of 2 new story ideas a week! – I think I did get two scenes this week, but no story ideas… Gotta keep trying!

Goal: Yoga once a week, Walk twice a week, Ab exercises everyday! – Yoga was missed because I was sick by a horrible stomach flu, and ab exercises completely went by the wayside (unless throwing up counts – lol). But walking has hung in there! I went walking in the park with Baby, and we also took him to the zoo and walked the day away today!
Stretch goal: Strength train once a week, Lose 10 lbs by Fall. – No progress… Abs come first!

Quick quick quick!

Well hello there! I’m determined to get this ROW 80 post in only semi-late, although my cat seems to have other plans… So this will be quick!

I got in an hour of editing AND worked in the idea for my next book, so go team! That’s meeting my goal and my stretch! I also spent the weekend reading my first real romance novel. I picked a Nora Roberts supernatural romance, and it wasn’t terribly surprising that the book was great. Can’t wait to get the next one in the trilogy, which is a great feeling that I haven’t found in a while. It rekindled both my reading love and a certain zest for life that had been waning a bit, and there was a ton to learn from the book too. I may read it again or diagram the plot to analyze it better. Did I say this was going I be short? HA HA!!

On the health side, I could not make it to yoga class again, but my husband and I spent hours walking in the park and city on Sunday, so all in all I think I did more time than normal. While I’m feeling good, I have to admit this is not enough to help me lose my remaining baby weight so… Need to think about stepping up goals a bit. I also got to my ab exercises about every other day, so I’m doing so-so in that arena.

Whoops! Two check-ins missed!

I missed both my check-ins this week! Yikes! Fortunately it was the posting I slacked on, and I still met most of my goals. 😀 Does that mean they’re too easy…? 😉

Writing: I was able to get an hour in on Saturday night, and two scenes revised – whoopee! I also further filled out my list of big edits I want to make and consistency things to check for. Haven’t gotten in any more since then, but technically I am ahead anyway!

As far as exercise goes, I didn’t do my walks and yoga, but I did plenty of other physical activity instead! On yoga class day, my mom, Grama, son, and I had a special day where we went to the Aviary and walked for hours looking at the eagles, penguins, and other birds. I also spent two long days weeding and planting in the yard in this heat! So all in all I think I’ve met the spirit of my goals!

Now to keep them up for the next week! Wish me luck!

First week of ROW update

Another quick update, as it’s already too late, and I should be in bed, and likely as soon as my head hits the pillow, my little one will wake up hungry to be fed…   (A little unintentional poem there?)

Writing: Got in a half hour today after this busy holiday weekend, and I didn’t do much writing/editing as much as I read about Scrivener, Storybook, and My Writing Spot, and tried to decide which tools are right for me. I’ve always loved Word pretty dearly too, so it’s a tough decision, and I can’t proceed with edits in more than one file, so I kinda need to pick quickly. I’m thinking I will try Storybook + Word, and try Scrivener when I start my next first draft of a new project. However, all in all, I didn’t get to my stretch goals of thinking of new story ideas or completing scene revisions, but I did dedicate the half hour, so go me!

Exercise: I got in one of two walks, and started ab exercises tonight! When I combine that with the exercise I got touring a botanical conservatory with my mom and son on Friday and going to a huge concert at a stadium yesterday, I consider this week a win!

Yay for a good start to the ROW! =D

So far, so good!

A quick update on my ROW80 goals progress!

Writing: Got an hour of revision and reading in tonight! I’m enough out of practice that I need to become reacquainted with my story – but it’s great reading it with fresh eyes!

Exercise: Went to yoga yesterday! Need to start Ab exercises….

Overall a good start to the round!

Goals for ROW Round 3

I’m ready to restart this writing thing now that I’ve recovered a bit from spawning some offspring. 😉 To do so, I’ll continue to take part in ROW80 – the writing challenge that knows you have a life. For my first ROW80 goals post-baby, I’m thinking I’ll start small.

Writing / Editing:
Goal: 30 minutes of anything twice a week!
Stretch goal: Finish revising 2 scenes per week, Think of 2 new story ideas a week!

Goal: Yoga once a week, Walk twice a week, Ab exercises everyday!
Stretch goal: Strength train once a week, Lose 10 lbs by Fall.

I may have missed some important ones, but I’ll add more as needed! Glad to be back!

New Goals for this ROW

Well, I’m a bit late to this round, but I’m not sitting out!  I discovered something lately that has probably been contributing to why I haven’t been getting my editing done — or much of anything else — but it’ll be a few more weeks before I can mention it. ;-]  The good news is, by then, it should be gone!

In the meantime, here are my new goals:

  • Writing: 4 hours a week of editing. Complete at least one first pass of revising on one scene a week (and then some).
  • Health & Fitness: Gym twice a week. Bonus: Additional cardio once a week.

And that’s it!  I want to focus down on what matters most this ROW.  I’m not getting any younger, and I want to see this novel in at least a form I feel proud of presenting! ;-]

Before I started ROW and while I was still trying to finish my first draft, I had also tried establishing some rewards for big word count milestones.  That really helped, so I think I’ll try it again for this ROW!

My Rewards:

  • 10 hours editing: A slice (or two!) of cheesecake (without guilt!)
  • 20 hours editing: Gratuitous notebook or CD purchase!
  • 30 hours editing: Special candle to burn while writing
  • 50 hours editing: Pedicure at a spa
  • Finishing a first pass edit on Mage Slave: priceless.  Just kidding! Reward is: Etsy jewelry purchase! woo hoo!

For today, I spent 2 hours editing, sitting outside on my patio swing while the hubster built a small fence to shade our air conditioner.  We both had a great time.  =)  Now I hope to do an hour or two more!

ROW80: Stumbling along…

Some updates on my current ROW80 goal progress:
  • Writing: Again, no editing progress. I’m stalled! Need to get that routine going again.
  • Health & Fitness: Gym holding steady – can do some great chin-ups now! Eating pretty much out of control. Need to get back on the wagon!
  • Game: Got the game’s menu drawn out and fully designed. Progress continues plodding along.
  • Reading: Again, big success!  Mostly just to say I checked something off my list before the end of the ROW, I focused down and finished Story Engineering.  Well worth the read, especially if you’re feeling a need to learn more about plot and structure as I was.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

ROW 80: Studying people

After missing Sunday’s check-in, I didn’t want to miss Wednesday, but I hate to post because I don’t have much progress to report!  I guess this is the accountability part hehe. =)  Of course, the key to making good goals is making them accomplishable… but I can’t help being ambitious. I want it all!

So, without further ado:

  • Writing: Again! I’m quite lacking this week. No progress. BOO! But I do have a long weekend coming to make up for it…! =D
  • Health & Fitness: At least I’m still going strong here, mostly. =) Still lazy at entering calories into Livestrong, need to get back on track, but hit the gym on Monday and did yardwork over the weekend to get at least a little cardio in.
  • Game: On this front, I’m still making tons of progress, though still not as fast as I’d like. Got the 4 major remaining screens wireframed, so now I can get around to laying out all the pieces and making them look awesome. Of course, there’s still plenty of other screens to get to. The hubster built out one piece over the weekend, and we found some flaws in the design and reworked them together. Which was awesome, and even though we were throwing some things out, it felt great to be really figuring out how to make things work! Also earlier in the week, I got to thinking that I don’t really understand my userbase as well as I should, so I got into doing some user research and personas (which is kind of like making up characters, based on real-ish people). Tonight I got really into that and read all about people that might be our target user base.  I think studying people helps refine both design and writing skills, so I feel pretty good about that.  But again, the game dominates my psyche!  Maybe that’s the right thing, for now….
  • Reading: Read a tad more of If You Want to Write… and stalked Brenda Ueland on goodreads, wikipedia. This is seriously one fantastic book! I can’t believe I never heard of it before.

So, that’s it!  Wish me luck getting in some writing over the long weekend!