50,000! at a turtle’s crawl….

Not much time to write, but today I hit my first big goal! 50K! =D This is most significant because this was my target for NaNoWriMo. Now it’s not November, it’s January… but I think I’m happier this way….

I have a lot to do this week that will keep me from being able to stick to my schedule two weeks in a row, but… hey this is still progress! 

Now I just need to find time to book my reward at the spa! ;-]  Updated wordcount: 51,328!


A taste of success

Recently I haven’t been making my schedule that I planned as often as I would have liked.  There’s a couple factors playing into this.  One of course is procrastination or just not really being used to keeping a schedule.  Another is that of course on whatever night I pick, some strange unusual event comes up that I can’t get out of.  For example, last Monday was my father-in-law’s birthday, and my husband’s performance review was due, so we had to stay at work late and go out to the obligatory celebratory dinner. Now I don’t regret it; it was a lovely dinner.  But how do I make a schedule that accomodates for things like this but still keeps me going?  Beyond that, I’ve got a project at work right now that I deeply deeply enjoy! The kind of project that doesn’t come along very often. So I’m trying to go easy on myself, and as long as I keep making progress, I’m gonna try to just stay positive and focus on the future. It’s a slippery slope – I mean what does “making progress” really mean?  But I have to balance progress and positivity I think… ;-]

Anyway, the good news is that today I was determined, and instead of procrastinating all day and waiting till nightfall, I sat down to write early in the day to make sure I got around to it.  And you know what!  That meant I wrote a ton – 5 hours or so! 

So, word count update: 48, 298! 

To help motivate myself, I’ve set up some rewards at certain milestones.  The next one is at 50k, so I am almost there! My reward is something at the spa – either a pedicure or a facial!  I’m thinking a facial!  Then I will be looking forward to 60k. =)  I’m hoping these rewards help keep my elusive “progress” moving forward….

Speaking of taste, I am really hungry for dinner, so… I’m outta here!