Hit my first reward!

I am still humming along, hitting my most important goal of putting in time writing for every check-in.  I have a schedule of rewards, and I write down each time I spent some time working, like a little time card. I just passed 10 hours this ROW – which means I can get my first reward! I had planned for a candle to burn during writing time, but since I am mostly writing on the go these days, in coffee shops or during opportune nap times, I am not sure it’s the best reward. I need to think of some more! I am still hoping to get to my 50 hour reward – my Etsy jewelry purchase.

What would you do to reward yourself for your hard work at writing? Any ideas for my rewards?

Here is how I’m doing with each goal in particular:

Writing / Editing:
Goal: 30 minutes of anything twice a week! – I am WAY overachieving on this goal. Got in another hour and a half!
Stretch goal: Finish revising 2 scenes per week, Think of 2 new story ideas a week! – Just part of one scene, but that’s good enough for me!

Goal: Yoga once a week, Walk twice a week, Ab exercises everyday! – Yoga class was great, and I am even a little sore. I am NOT sore from the ab exercises I’m not doing however. ;-]
Stretch goal: Strength train once a week, Lose 10 lbs by Fall. – Still workin on it…

Although I am still struggling to hit all of my exercise goals, I feel like I may need to up them. This is just not much exercise to help me lose weight, especially since I can’t seem to keep myself from eating like horse while still breastfeeding and not getting the best sleep…. But that’s life!  The question is how I can fit in more exercise with Baby….  We shall see!

Later, alligators!


Goals for ROW Round 3

I’m ready to restart this writing thing now that I’ve recovered a bit from spawning some offspring. 😉 To do so, I’ll continue to take part in ROW80 – the writing challenge that knows you have a life. For my first ROW80 goals post-baby, I’m thinking I’ll start small.

Writing / Editing:
Goal: 30 minutes of anything twice a week!
Stretch goal: Finish revising 2 scenes per week, Think of 2 new story ideas a week!

Goal: Yoga once a week, Walk twice a week, Ab exercises everyday!
Stretch goal: Strength train once a week, Lose 10 lbs by Fall.

I may have missed some important ones, but I’ll add more as needed! Glad to be back!

ROW 80: Been better, been worse

One of my worse weeks from a writing perspective… but lots of game design and such done!

  • Writing: Not so good this week. =( Virtually no progress. I’ll try to do double for Sunday to make up for it! At least 2 scenes revised, I hope!
  • Health & Fitness: Gym was great! Inclined bench and some on the bike – my upper back and shoulders are aching, in a good way.  Have gotten lazy at entering calories into Livestrong, but I’m still mentally keeping track.  Need to kick start that again though!
  • Game: Awesome progress! Got our website updated, updated our twitter feed, thought of some new game ideas, activated my shiny new company debit card! No sketches but I’m itching to get to them! I’ve also started investigating trademarks and how to get one and all that jazz.
  • Reading: Also not much here. Sigh. Sometimes the game hogs all the attention! 😉

Wish me luck at making more writing progress this weekend! =) Diablo III isn’t helping anything! hehe!

ROW Check-in – A loss of momentum

Well, I’m here to check in – returned from Germany!  I made more progress in Germany than I thought I would, and had a harder time getting back into the swing of things and recovering from the trip than I’d anticipated!  So… not very much to update with this post but I thought I’d update all the same.

  • Writing: I did get some sporadic editing in over the last few weeks of no internet and planned missed check-ins, but it wasn’t nothing, so at least there’s that!  I think I did about one scene and a lot of reading and updating my scene list spreadsheet, trying to figure out the right way to rewrite one of the early first scenes.  Today with Mother’s Day I took the time to spend with my mom, mother-in-law, and grama, and it was nice to just have a relaxing dinner with them and make them happy. =) Didn’t leave much time for writing, but it was worth it.  Hopefully this week I’ll be back on track!
  • Health & Fitness: I’ve kept up the gym, but not the cardio as much. While I was traveling for work, there were no gyms or fitness rooms or anything so I walked all over the little German town we were in and tried to burn adequate calories for all the deli meat, baguette rolls, beer, and wine that is common in German food!  It worked because I lost some weight there – imagine that!  Unfortunately I’ve gained a pound or two back, but we’ll work on that. ;-]
  • Game: Continued progress. I got some new scenes sketched, started thinking about levels, and a few other things. We also wrapped up some business type things like opening our bank account – pretty sweet! That was surprisingly fun – best time I’ve ever had at a bank! hehe!
  • Reading: I read an immense amount on my trip, at nights and on plane rides.  I’m more than two-thirds of the way through If You Want to Write… I highly, highly recommend it, I think I’ve learned a lot!  It’s a weird old book, and wanders around, and you wonder if she’s going to get to the point, and then bam! That’s enlightening!  Highly recommended.

So… I’m struggling to get back on track with all my goals and normal life… Maybe if we can just finish this laundry… =]