ROW 80: Studying people

After missing Sunday’s check-in, I didn’t want to miss Wednesday, but I hate to post because I don’t have much progress to report!  I guess this is the accountability part hehe. =)  Of course, the key to making good goals is making them accomplishable… but I can’t help being ambitious. I want it all!

So, without further ado:

  • Writing: Again! I’m quite lacking this week. No progress. BOO! But I do have a long weekend coming to make up for it…! =D
  • Health & Fitness: At least I’m still going strong here, mostly. =) Still lazy at entering calories into Livestrong, need to get back on track, but hit the gym on Monday and did yardwork over the weekend to get at least a little cardio in.
  • Game: On this front, I’m still making tons of progress, though still not as fast as I’d like. Got the 4 major remaining screens wireframed, so now I can get around to laying out all the pieces and making them look awesome. Of course, there’s still plenty of other screens to get to. The hubster built out one piece over the weekend, and we found some flaws in the design and reworked them together. Which was awesome, and even though we were throwing some things out, it felt great to be really figuring out how to make things work! Also earlier in the week, I got to thinking that I don’t really understand my userbase as well as I should, so I got into doing some user research and personas (which is kind of like making up characters, based on real-ish people). Tonight I got really into that and read all about people that might be our target user base.  I think studying people helps refine both design and writing skills, so I feel pretty good about that.  But again, the game dominates my psyche!  Maybe that’s the right thing, for now….
  • Reading: Read a tad more of If You Want to Write… and stalked Brenda Ueland on goodreads, wikipedia. This is seriously one fantastic book! I can’t believe I never heard of it before.

So, that’s it!  Wish me luck getting in some writing over the long weekend!


ROW 80: Been better, been worse

One of my worse weeks from a writing perspective… but lots of game design and such done!

  • Writing: Not so good this week. =( Virtually no progress. I’ll try to do double for Sunday to make up for it! At least 2 scenes revised, I hope!
  • Health & Fitness: Gym was great! Inclined bench and some on the bike – my upper back and shoulders are aching, in a good way.  Have gotten lazy at entering calories into Livestrong, but I’m still mentally keeping track.  Need to kick start that again though!
  • Game: Awesome progress! Got our website updated, updated our twitter feed, thought of some new game ideas, activated my shiny new company debit card! No sketches but I’m itching to get to them! I’ve also started investigating trademarks and how to get one and all that jazz.
  • Reading: Also not much here. Sigh. Sometimes the game hogs all the attention! 😉

Wish me luck at making more writing progress this weekend! =) Diablo III isn’t helping anything! hehe!

Quick Row 80 Checkin

Feeling good today!  I worked 11 hours today at work (I have an office job and am only required to work late, but you know, deadlines come up, argh) and I still had the energy to write when I got home!  Woo hoo!

Since I was late checking in on Sunday, this is kinda short.

  • Writing: 2 hours again today of editing today, 4 hours for the week is pretty great so far!  Rewrote my opening scene in a way I’m really excited about.  I thought it was going to be a lot harder, or sometimes I rewrite the opening a hundred times and never like it, but I’m feeling like this one’s a keeper… =)
  • Health & Fitness: Hit the gym on Monday, have been tracking calories every day, dying of hunger!  (Just kidding it’s not that bad.)  Livestrong helps me so much with calorie tracking!  Although I think I’m discovering a few bugs in their mobile app… of course….
  • Game: No progress since Sunday but Friday will be epic-mega-awesome-productivity-time.
  • Reading: Have read a few pages of Story EngineeringIf You Want To Write: is on its way, due to be delivered tomorrow.  ❤ u, Amazon Prime!

Flyin high in this neck of woods.  What about you?  That’s it for this check-in!

Late checkin, but here goes nothin.

Hey, better late than never, right?  *crosses fingers*

So to complete my first “goal” — I made some better ROW80 goals:

  • Writing: Spend at least 5 hours each week revising Mage Slave. Finish character profiles for the remaining key characters. Shoot for about 10% a week, although I’m not sure that’s realistic at all.  We’ll see!
  • Health & Fitness: Today’s weigh-in prompted more seriousness and motivation in this area.  Gym twice a week. Additional cardio once a week. Track calories every day in Livestrong. Aiming for 1.5 pounds a week.
  • Game: Have all main screens for our game designed by the end of this ROW.  This one is kind of vague, but I think it’s still doable.
  • Reading: Read at least one book, bonus points for 2.  I’m going to start with If You Want To Write: A Book About Art, Independence and Spirit by Brenda Ueland, recommended by Felicia Day on this week’s Flog. (Below if you want to see!) From a quick glance on Amazon I immediately one-click ordered the one that would arrive the soonest.  It seriously looks amazing.  If I get to a second book, it will be fiction, probably Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck. Love the cover!  Also, finish Story Engineering (almost there!).

So how is it going so far?

  • Writing:Spent about 2 hours revising this week so far.  Pretty good I think.
  • Health & Fitness: Did gym today with weights and cardio. Tracked food and was easily under and enjoying myself.  Feeling great!  Hope this lasts.
  • Game: Marathon Friday and Saturday night game workathon – no worries here, full of progress.
  • Reading: Ordered If You Want To Write: A Book About Art, Independence and Spirit. Read a bit more  Story Engineering – should be done soon!

Now that I have some good goals, let’s get this party started!