Well, this week I finally rewrote that big scene that’s been scaring me.  In the end, I ended up making it two scenes.  I’m not sure how it came out, but it’s certainly a start.  Hopefully I don’t completely hate it upon rereading in a week or so!  It’s a fight scene, and that might have been why I was a little intimidated.  I haven’t written many, especially not one with a lot of mystery going on and not a lot of clear you vs me conflict.  Hopefully it turned out okay!  I found this interesting article with tips for writing fight scenes, if anyone is interested.  Several were not that helpful, but I liked that one!

I missed Wednesday’s check-in, so on to my status for this week….  I only managed half an hour of editing on Tuesday, but that was better than nothing, and today I got in a whole 3 hours!  So that leaves me close to my goal at 3.5 hours for the week!  Works for me.  I’m really happy to be making progress again.  Feels SO good.

For exercise, overwhelming fatigue curtailed the gym on Monday.  First time I’ve missed in ages!  I went home after work and slept straight through till the next morning – lol!  But I did go in on Thursday and get a light workout.  The upstairs of our gym, where the treadmills and ellipticals are, seems to be having an AC problem because it’s like 5 degrees hotter than the lower floor!  So even though I had planned to walk on the treadmill, instead I went and lifted weights instead.  Only now doctor’s orders is less than 10 pound weights, so I feel a little silly since I normally lift much heavier weights for bigger muscles like back and legs.  But I did lots of reps and tried to tell myself that variation was a good thing. =)  And the fatigue should be lessening any day now!

So all in all, a pretty good week. 😀
My goals as a reminder for myself:

  • Writing: 4 hours a week of editing. Complete at least one first pass of revising on one scene a week (and then some).
  • Health & Fitness: Gym twice a week. Bonus: Additional cardio once a week.