Sunday Check-in: Chugging Along

So far, so good!  So I thought I posted this last night but apparently not. WTF wordpress?? Whatever, here it goes again….

  • Writing: 1.5 hours of editing today, 5.5 hours for the week! 2 more scenes revised. Check!
  • Health & Fitness: Tracked every day.  Didn’t run for extra cardio but did weed in the garden for 3 hours, which I’m gonna count! Check!
  • Game: Friday made progress on the last little bit of the first key workflow. Spent a lot of time trying to figure out one little icon, but in the end I think it looks badass.  Still so much to do though! Check?
  • Reading: Few more pages of Story EngineeringIf You Want To Write: on page 17! Check!

Yeah! =)

Now if I can just keep this up over the next few weeks when I have a work trip to Germany… yeah, we’ll see how that goes….