Chug chug chug

Tonight I’m exhausted after a long day of lugging the babe around the Zoo. He’s still quite young for it, but when we take him out and about and he gets to observe people and things, he’s just SO happy at the end of the day. It melts the heart. =) So although I’m tired enough to only want to play video games… it’s worth it. Good memories! And since I made some progress earlier in the week, I’ll let myself have this relaxation time!

Here is my ROW80 check-in.

Writing / Editing:
Goal: 30 minutes of anything twice a week! – Check! 2 Hours this time!! YESSS!
Stretch goal: Finish revising 2 scenes per week, Think of 2 new story ideas a week! – I think I did get two scenes this week, but no story ideas… Gotta keep trying!

Goal: Yoga once a week, Walk twice a week, Ab exercises everyday! – Yoga was missed because I was sick by a horrible stomach flu, and ab exercises completely went by the wayside (unless throwing up counts – lol). But walking has hung in there! I went walking in the park with Baby, and we also took him to the zoo and walked the day away today!
Stretch goal: Strength train once a week, Lose 10 lbs by Fall. – No progress… Abs come first!


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