Quick quick quick!

Well hello there! I’m determined to get this ROW 80 post in only semi-late, although my cat seems to have other plans… So this will be quick!

I got in an hour of editing AND worked in the idea for my next book, so go team! That’s meeting my goal and my stretch! I also spent the weekend reading my first real romance novel. I picked a Nora Roberts supernatural romance, and it wasn’t terribly surprising that the book was great. Can’t wait to get the next one in the trilogy, which is a great feeling that I haven’t found in a while. It rekindled both my reading love and a certain zest for life that had been waning a bit, and there was a ton to learn from the book too. I may read it again or diagram the plot to analyze it better. Did I say this was going I be short? HA HA!!

On the health side, I could not make it to yoga class again, but my husband and I spent hours walking in the park and city on Sunday, so all in all I think I did more time than normal. While I’m feeling good, I have to admit this is not enough to help me lose my remaining baby weight so… Need to think about stepping up goals a bit. I also got to my ab exercises about every other day, so I’m doing so-so in that arena.


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