Row80 drama

Well I can’t seem to get to my ROW80 check-ins on time, now, can I?!

Ah, well. Today I was inspired by Eden’s blog post – of course I had 5 minutes somewhere today! It really is true, if I’m serious as I think/feel/say, I should put my money where my mouth is! 😉 I’m still thinking on what could be a test mile for editing rather than drafting, though. One paragraph? One page?

So while I really wanted to sleep/snack/play Skyrim, I instead sat down to do at least one paragraph. Of course, I quickly felt overwhelmed at the amount of facts I needed to hold in my head at once to get the game world to remain consistent. And the number of changes I need to make…. How can I possibly ever finish this or hold enough of it in my head at once to make progress if I only work a few minutes at a time? It seems impossible!

I don’t think it is, though. I think that is my overly dramatic mind grappling with ideas the size of a novel. Even though it seemed like I couldn’t make any progress in a few minutes, I did. The fictional world was just slightly more clear, I remembered slightly more facts, I could hold one more of the threads of story in my hands and sort of see where it led in both directions…. Sitting down tomorrow I will be that much more productive, and it will be that much easier.

So it was a great way to learn about the emotional roller coaster that is the creative mind and how much I should really listen to it! (In this case, not much.)

On to my goals for the week! So thanks to Eden’s inspiration, I spent my half an hour editing for today – yay! I think another thing that led to my semi-overwhelmed state is that the scene I am working on is particularly tough. It was really rough and written at the beginning of Namowrimo, but all I can feel is, oh Lord, this all needs thrown out! Oh goodness, that sounds terrible. Did I really write that?! Ugh! This is all so bad that it’s more work because I need to create something new! And something that makes sense! And I have no idea what!

So as you can see, my editing was not without drama and internal monologue! But I met my goal. 🙂


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