Whoops! Two check-ins missed!

I missed both my check-ins this week! Yikes! Fortunately it was the posting I slacked on, and I still met most of my goals. 😀 Does that mean they’re too easy…? 😉

Writing: I was able to get an hour in on Saturday night, and two scenes revised – whoopee! I also further filled out my list of big edits I want to make and consistency things to check for. Haven’t gotten in any more since then, but technically I am ahead anyway!

As far as exercise goes, I didn’t do my walks and yoga, but I did plenty of other physical activity instead! On yoga class day, my mom, Grama, son, and I had a special day where we went to the Aviary and walked for hours looking at the eagles, penguins, and other birds. I also spent two long days weeding and planting in the yard in this heat! So all in all I think I’ve met the spirit of my goals!

Now to keep them up for the next week! Wish me luck!


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