Goals for ROW Round 3

I’m ready to restart this writing thing now that I’ve recovered a bit from spawning some offspring. 😉 To do so, I’ll continue to take part in ROW80 – the writing challenge that knows you have a life. For my first ROW80 goals post-baby, I’m thinking I’ll start small.

Writing / Editing:
Goal: 30 minutes of anything twice a week!
Stretch goal: Finish revising 2 scenes per week, Think of 2 new story ideas a week!

Goal: Yoga once a week, Walk twice a week, Ab exercises everyday!
Stretch goal: Strength train once a week, Lose 10 lbs by Fall.

I may have missed some important ones, but I’ll add more as needed! Glad to be back!


One thought on “Goals for ROW Round 3

  1. Starting small “post-baby” is probably wise. It’ll get you back into something of a writing rhythm that the little one can see and start accepting as a “fact of life” when the toddler and “Mom, do you–Mom, can I–Mom, look what I did” years start. And they do… I’m in those myself. Lots of wonderful things to live through, but also a lot of distraction.

    So, yep, sounds like some good goals there. Good for you!

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