Been a little… busy!

So this blog has gone a bit cold for a while, but I swear I’ve had a good reason. THIS:

little hand

Earlier this year, I gave birth to my first child, a lovely baby boy.  So unsurprisingly this did set back some health and writing goals, but I think it was worth it. ;-] However, I’ve just started to be able to make time for writing and such again. So here goes nothing, I’m going to try to start out slow. But it’s a total coincidence that this is just at the end of the last day of this ROW! So I can start fresh with the next one.

Here goes nothing – wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Been a little… busy!

  1. You can do it. Just expect to have slow days, and days where you only get a few sentences in…

    It took me a while to come back from becoming a mom to becoming a mom who is a writer. It’s a process. Just take the first step.

    Lovely picture. Aren’t babies’ fingers so … “neat”? Much love to you both.

  2. OMG! Best post of the day! Little shnookums. 🙂 My girls are two and four, so I getcha. You can definitely do this — like everything else about being a mom, you have to embrace self-forgiveness and know you won’t get to everything you’d like, but the most important thing is being happy and present with baby. I found that writing kept me sane, and made me feel like I was still ME even through the early mommy adventure. Have a great summer with your little guy. 🙂

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