ROW80: At least I finished one thing….

  • Writing: I haven’t made much progress at all.  =(  I have to figure out a specific day of the week to devote to writing again, I think.  I never used to be a creature of routine and habit, but it does seem to be helping me make progress on my goals to set aside a day where I plan to work.  Problem is, I have a day designated for our game, but not really writing anymore since my original days got twisted around.  I need to get my writing desk cleaned and spiffed up, and set aside a day — maybe to be ready for the start of the next round!
  • Health & Fitness: I did hit the gym Monday, in spite of REALLY not feeling like it.  Will be going again tomorrow!
  • Game: We had a great 12 hour work session where we got our “money” system working, and I drew lots of cute little creatures for our game.  No screens done specifically, but much progress!
  • Reading: Biggest success of the week!  I finished If You Want to Write.  Highly recommended!  Finishing at least one thing felt great.

Here’s hoping I can make some more progress before Sunday to finish the ROW strong!


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