ROW80 Check-in: Sick!

I missed my last check-in, or two, I can’t even remember now!  But even though I’m a bit sick, I didn’t want to miss another check-in, so here it is!
  • Writing: Did get in one scene edited this week, but coming down with a stomach bug has curbed any productive activity this weekend! So frustrating!!
  • Health & Fitness: I replaced the gym one day this week with a massive gardening session where my hubby and I planted mint and basil and put stones around our little herb garden.  But I made it to the gym the other day! I haven’t tracked food at all, though, and now that I have this stomach bug both exercise and healthy eating are up in the air!
  • Game: Unfortunately our work day was supposed to be today–and ended up being cancelled due to my fever. =( I sat on the couch and watched movies all day.  I’m trying hard to encourage myself to just rest and get better, but I can’t help wishing to have gotten something fun or productive out of the weekend.  Sigh!
  • Reading: I haven’t even made progress on reading. Boo! 😉

Ah, well.  Next week is another week, eh?


One thought on “ROW80 Check-in: Sick!

  1. Every day, or week, is indeed a fresh chance and it sounds like you are primed to take advantage of the coming one. Illness always knocks me off the productivity as well, but afterwards there is typically a burst of energy that helps curb the “loss”.

    Have a great week 🙂

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