Quick Row 80 Checkin

Feeling good today!  I worked 11 hours today at work (I have an office job and am only required to work late, but you know, deadlines come up, argh) and I still had the energy to write when I got home!  Woo hoo!

Since I was late checking in on Sunday, this is kinda short.

  • Writing: 2 hours again today of editing today, 4 hours for the week is pretty great so far!  Rewrote my opening scene in a way I’m really excited about.  I thought it was going to be a lot harder, or sometimes I rewrite the opening a hundred times and never like it, but I’m feeling like this one’s a keeper… =)
  • Health & Fitness: Hit the gym on Monday, have been tracking calories every day, dying of hunger!  (Just kidding it’s not that bad.)  Livestrong helps me so much with calorie tracking!  Although I think I’m discovering a few bugs in their mobile app… of course….
  • Game: No progress since Sunday but Friday will be epic-mega-awesome-productivity-time.
  • Reading: Have read a few pages of Story EngineeringIf You Want To Write: is on its way, due to be delivered tomorrow.  ❤ u, Amazon Prime!

Flyin high in this neck of woods.  What about you?  That’s it for this check-in!


One thought on “Quick Row 80 Checkin

  1. Fab work on your goals, Becky! Having energy to write after hours sitting at a desk job is something I struggle with as well. I like Livestrong as well because it is a great place to track down the nutrition values. Good luck for next week!

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